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Erin's Eclectic Mystic Home & Traveling Tarot Caravan

Tucked away on a hillside in a little residential pocket just east of downtown Los Angeles is a magical little house, home to Erin Smith. For many years she's worked in film and television as a set stylist and decorator. However she also has an entirely different business, reading tarot as a psychic healer. Cultivating both worlds, her home exemplifies both of her talents!

Her home is welcoming to all visitors. It is calming and cozy, filled with gorgeous artwork, crystals and some wonderful furniture. The house is elevated against a hilltop, surrounded by palm and pomegranate trees. Erin says that during the time of our shoot that the most significant thing in her home was her little bird, Pierre, who was her pet for fifteen years and passed in the days after these photos were taken.

Though her home feels very airy and dreamy like spaces in California often do, she says that living in Los Angeles hasn't really affected her design aesthetic, for she believes cohesion is the most essential part of designing a home. "Rather than treating each room as an individual, I like to think of them as supporting players to the whole structure. They should all relate to one another, be it through color palette or period aesthetic."

Once we walked through the home, I also got a tour of her Vardo Van, the little mobile office where she practices her tarot!


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