Pure Wow experiences the magic of the Vardo

So we’re a little skeptical when it comes to woo-woo trends (aren’t you?). But we’re die-hard believers in beautiful design. That’s what got us toVardo Tarot, a fortune-teller in a charming modern-day gypsy caravan. (Only in L.A., folks.) 
Tarot-on-wheels is the work of Erin K. Smith: television-set decorator by day,tarot reader by night. Smith spent a year turning a food truck into a mod version of a 14th-century Romany caravan (a “vardo”). She installed an arched roof, vivid stained glass and even, with the help of a carpenter pal, a fancy inlaid-wood floor. 
Smith says she's had a love affair with tarot cards since she was 16. Perhaps it’s because of her longtime fascination that we felt a whoosh of energy moving through us as she dealt the deck. She explained the cards’ meaning through the prism of our love life, finances and more. For $50, it was more eye-opening than any cocktail chat with a girlfriend. 
Smith drives the vardo to crafts festivals (even as far as the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs) when it’s not parked on a Highland Park hilltop. We left feeling absolutely buoyant. We’re not sure if it was due to our happy future or the cool digs, but we’ll be coming back for more Vardo Tarot me time.


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