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Tonight’s guest, Erin K. Smith a professional set decorator for film and television in Los Angeles. You may have seen her work on Alias, CSI, 90210 and independent film projects like Mysterious Skin and others.

She is also an energy healer, tarot card reader and founder of and she has a real gypsy caravan where she does her tarot card readings. She also reads via Skype which is how I got to experience her gifts as a passionate reader of the tarot.

Listen in and hear about Erin’s truly magical journey out of darkness into a passion-filled life of creativity and clarity. I believe we are all on a magical journey and I hope this interview will inspire you to honor your own.

Erin also does a tarot card reading on the situation at the The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and what comes out of it is a message for the whole planet–including you! So be sure to download this one and listen to the whole thing!

At the end of the show there is also a special coaching offer for coaching by Karmen Lizzul if you are serious about pursuing your vision and want to be sure to make it happen.



“The Tarot allows you to access unconscious messages from your higher self. The cards can give you a greater understanding of where you’ve been and who you are becoming. They can help bring clarity to situations that elude you. A reading can reveal unfolding possibilities based on the energy that you are putting out in the moment. I don’t believe that the future is set in stone.We have the power to choose the actions we take. The Tarot allows us to examine our choices mindfully. All my readings are uplifting and expansion and solution-based. The positive cards are there to encourage you towards expansion and forward motion. The more challenging cards are there to show you where you may be contracting around an old idea or behavior that no longer serves you. By seeing this clearly, you can begin to let go with love and tolerance. The Tarot is a map to better living.”


Listen to the whole interview here:

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